08 2 / 2012

The human mind is likely comprised of 2 minds in 1. The first mind observes and deduces meaning from its environment, and the second observes and deduces meaning from what the first mind has drawn. So you essentially have a mind watching the world, and another watching the first (or itself).

How does one create this in machine form?

This is easier said than done, but here’s the idea.

We first create an AI software that deduces meaning and patterns from its environment using the latest and greatest machine learning algorithms. We equip a robot with 2 copies of this software. The first copy will be the “low level AI” that uses the world for its input, and the second will be the “high level AI” that draws its input from the first AI.

In short, once we figure out a way to create real AI, it shouldn’t take too long for us to create real AC (artificial consciousness).

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03 1 / 2012

Functional programming paradigms
Your syntax so cryptic and dense
Monadic classes and recursive iterations
Y U NO make more sense?! >_<

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03 10 / 2011

Since Republicans and Democrats have forgotten how to work together, and since too many people would be unhappy if one side or the other had total control, maybe we should let artificial intelligence run the country?


Like we do now, we could have elections to vote in people who are inline with our political and personal philosophies. But instead of these people talking to each other, or trying to make their case to a president, they could instead submit their proposals to an AI that would then parse the information, and respond quickly with a balanced solution.

If (senatorD == 6 && senatorR == 8)
   solution = 7;

After each election, the database could be wiped, new people could be brought in, rinse and repeat.

Yes, I know, this probably sounds crazy, but since politicians have become too biased, emotional, and selfish to get anything done, maybe a robot could do a better job.

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STS-64 launch. Such perfect geometry.


STS-64 launch. Such perfect geometry.

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28 5 / 2011

A parsec is 31 trillion kilometers / 19 trillion miles. A megaparsec is 1 million parsecs. The Sloan Great Wall, a galactic filament that was discovered in 2003, is 433 megaparsecs… It’s the largest space structure we’ve discovered to date.

*jaw falls through floor*

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18 4 / 2011

In the face of highly advanced technology, or the prospects of a new technological idea, I often hear people saying “That’s scary…”

But is it really?

Authors and Hollywood producers, for the sake of entertainment, have released countless stories over the years about “mad scientists” taking technology “too far”, and causing some kind of post-apocalyptic event. Being exposed to horrid images of worlds being destroyed by nuclear warfare, and sentient robots making us our slaves might have a little something to do with this fear that seems prevalent in our society...

But this fear, like most fears, is likely based on misunderstandings about how technology really works. Most people barely understand how their cell phones work, let alone how a Watson operates.

But, in reality, there’s nothing to fear. Artificial intelligence, one of the “scariest” technologies, is just lines of code strung together by intelligent people. There’s nothing magical or evil about it. It’s just a bunch of math. 1 + 1 = 2. Subject + Predicate = Clause.

Of course not all tech-fears have been brought about by fiction. Some fear that technology will put us out of touch with our human qualities. You can already see some of this happening today with Facebook and Twitter. Some people, including myself, have opted to socialize more through the computer rather than in person. But we shouldn’t blame technology for this, or hold progress back just to force people to go out more, or to be “more human.”

The “problem”, if it can be considered such, is with those who make this choice. Nothing is stopping anyone from going out to a park or a club to meet up with friends or strangers. That option is still available, and will always be available. Even if we ever find a way to upload ourselves into virtual worlds, you can always stay in the real world if that’s not your thing.

But, for me personally… Beam me up, Scotty!

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