20 12 / 2012


A simple program for comparing data sets with different algorithms. Replace the data in the data.db file with your own data using an sqlite3 manager. Tables are read as data set names, and the values are read as the data points of the data sets. Load the application, choose an algorithm, and the program will find the pairs that best match each other.

Written with Haskell. Currently Linux only.

Available on Source Forge

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15 5 / 2011

After being highly disappointed by an overly artsy and confusing short I did, I decided to do something cuter and more accessible. Kicks is an animated short about a fuzzy guy with big shoes. It took about a week to complete, and 28 hours to render all 1,225 frames.

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30 4 / 2011

The Magician is an animated short I created last year with 3D Studio Max. I wanted to do something fun and lighthearted to counter the dark and moody stuff I usually did.

I’m going to try to incorporate the same kind of graphics and animation into my upcoming games.

And, on a side note, Vimeo is WAY better than YouTube.

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12 4 / 2011

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